Why Join

Besides being the largest flight attendant union in Australia, we are also the most experienced with flight attendants’ needs.


Our Elected Officials are all working cabin crew, so we understand the conditions that our members work under as we work under them too. We have a team of dedicated full time industrial and administrative staff who are well versed in the needs of crew. Our industry runs 24/7, so we have a manned 24-hour emergency phone for our members to access industrial advice. We also have a dedicated Facebook page that is regularly monitored.

We are continually innovating and looking for new ways to be accessible to our members in our global working environment. Knowledge is power and knowing your rights and working conditions is the key to protecting yourself. The FAAA is not only industrial protection, but also a valuable resource for your career growth. The FAAA is THE Flight Attendant’s Union and joining the FAAA is the first step to take in your working life as a flight attendant. Membership will provide you with support throughout your aviation career.


The FAAA has a dedicated and experienced team of industrial officers who along with FAAA representatives, can address any dispute, violation or misadventure relating to the enterprise agreement. By being a member of the FAAA, you know you are not alone when facing an issue at work or striving for a fairer workplace.


Workers compensation, unfair dismissal and disciplinary hearings are all complicated and tangible issues which cannot be addressed without expertise and experience. The FAAA’s legal team is there to help members with issues relating to state or federal law. It’s a case of looking after each other in our workplace.


You need to come home from work each night safe and healthy. Safety at work is constantly monitored and enforced by the FAAA through various instruments such as committees and the EBA. If you are ever in need, the FAAA helpline is available to you during office hours. And if it’s urgent, there is a dedicated emergency line available 24-hours, 7 Days a week.


The relationship between employee and employer in the workplace is very important. The employment contract, in our case, the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA), ensures protection for employees through guaranteed pay, safety and leave entitlements. It also makes sure the company continues to grow, creating jobs along with it. The FAAA negotiates EBA’s on behalf of Australian based cabin crew and our staff are experienced in representing cabin crew in industrial negotiation. It is run by flight attendants for flight attendants.


As a strong union, the FAAA can source savings on products and services on your behalf. Discover what savings you could make.


Industrial queries can be answered by the FAAA. The employment agreements, as well as company policy, are very complex documents that dictate your rights and procedures at work. You need to know your rights and obligations so that you can be a productive, safe and respected employee.

Every year the FAAA answers thousands of queries from members. These include questions about rosters, training, duty hours, annual/sick leave, superannuation, transportation, allowances, pay protection, accommodation, and crew rest provisions. The role of a flight attendant is a unique and vital part of the aviation industry; the FAAA is the only professional organisation that can progress cabin crew’s interests.